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Montague ISD

School Headlines


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Montague ISD recently competed in the UIL Academic Meet at Slidell. 

Elementary (2nd-5th Grades)- 2nd Place Overall

2nd Grade

Wade Thompson- Music Memory- 1st Place

Clara Anderson- Music Memory- 2nd Place

Colt Garrett- Music Memory- 2nd Place

Bryson Segura- Creative Writing- 3rd Place

Oliver Mackey- Music Memory- 5th Place

Kynzlea Rios, Mackey, Thompson, Anderson,     1st Place Music Memory Team


Mackey, Annabelle Matthews, Pack Gray            2nd Place Chess Team


3rd Grade

Helen Henley- Music Memory- 3rd Place-, Spelling- 1st Place

Brily Johnson- Music Memory- 2nd Place Molly Romine- Ready Writing- 2nd Place

Sage Keck- Story telling- 4th Place, Ready Writing- 3rd Place

Brantlie McCracken- Spelling- 4th Place

Bennett Arnett- Story Telling- 5th Place

Henley, Johnson, Aulani Teulilo,                        2nd Place Music Memory Team

Hayden Hennessey, Mayson Lemons

Henley, McCracken, Romine                              1st Place Spelling Team


4th Grade

Leevi Brown- Art- 1st Place, Music Memory- 6th Place

Caiden Young- Ready Writing- 6th Place, Spelling- 6th Place, Chess- 5th Place

Zayden McCullar- Number Sense- 5th Place

Raemi Sprott- Oral Reading- 6th Place

Brown, Jalena Rodriguez, JoAnna Parr,            1st Place Art Team

Mia Yeargin                                                           

Young, McCullar, Brown                                   1st Place Chess Team 

McCullar, Brazos Jones                                      3rd Place Number Sense Team                                                                                                                                                                                      

5th Grade

Garren Stallcup- Listening- 1st Place, Social Studies- 2nd Place

Maddyn Bowles- Ready Writing- 1st Place

Avery Reed- Ready Writing- 2nd Place

Koloa Teulilo- Dictionary- 3rd Place

Grant Hamilton- Maps, Graphs, Charts- 5th Place, Listening- 3rd Place, Spelling- 4th Place

Bayler McCracken- Social Studies- 6th Place, Chess- 4th Place

Cade Broussard- Ready Writing- 5th Place

Jaymes Migl- Chess- 5th Place

McCracken, Stallcup, Migl                              3rd Place Social Studies Team

Hamilton, Wyatt Johnson, Bowles                   3rd Place Maps, Graphs, Charts Team

Stallcup, Hamilton, Broussard                         1st Place Listening Team

Migl, McCracken, Karter Lemons                   2nd Place Chess Team

Delilah Bowling, Teulilo, Malcom Conner      3rd Place Art Team                                                                


Junior High (6th-8th Grades) 4th Place Overall

6th Grade

Lane Smith- Chess- 1st Place

Paige Davis- Oral Reading- 5th Place, Ready Writing- 3rd Place, Editorial Writing- 3rd Place

William Henley- Chess- 4th Place, Dictionary- 5th Place

Jaelyn Rodriguez- Art- 4th Place, Ready Writing- 5th Place

Ryan Newman- Calculator- 5th Place

Cooper Johnson- Chess- 6th Place

Newman, Henley, Johnson                               3rd Place Calculator Team

Johnson, Henley, Smith                                    1st Place Chess Team


7th Grade

Avaree Woodyard- Maps, Graphs, Charts- 6th Place, Dictionary- 5th Place, Oral Reading- 6th Place, Ready Writing- 6th Place, Spelling- 4th Place, Editorial Writing- 4th Place

Emma Read- Science- 2nd Place, Editorial Writing- 2nd Place

Lily Hamilton- Ready Writing- 3rd Place, Math- 4th Place

Chloe Broussard- Science- 6th Place, Number Sense- 5th Place

Raylea Bowles- Math- 5th Place

Broussard, Read, Bowles                                 1st Place Science Team

Woodyard, Brooks Gray, Cooper Martin         3rd Place Maps, Graphs, Chart

Read, Broussard, Gentry Gray                         3rd Place Calculator Team

Brooks Gray, Hamilton, Bowles                                3rd Place Math Team

Broussard, Bowles, Hamilton                                   3rd Place Number Sense Team


8th Grade

TJ Harlason- Modern Oratory- 4th Place, Impromptu Speaking- 2nd Place

Morgan Hudson- Impromptu Speaking- 4th Place

Walker Strahan- Math- 4th Place

Tinley Cable- Editorial Writing- 5th Place

Jaylen Jones- Oral Reading- 5th Place

Kaydence Lemons- Ready Writing- 6th Place

Ava Johnson, Aubree Kleinhans, Jones           3rd Place Dictionary Team

Gentry Gray, Hamilton, Woodyard, Alyssa Hudson    3rd Place Art Team